Strengthening cities’ resilience to climate change, reducing carbon emissions and pollution, as well as ensuring steady and reliable energy supplies are all high on the urban planning agenda. Ramboll’s has proven expertise in creating efficient and sustainable urban environments in small and large-scale developments.


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Climate adaptation solutions

An informed understanding of climate change impacts is vital in long term urban planning projects. Ramboll harnesses this knowledge in designing technical infra-structure and physical structures that complement a city’s architecture and physical planning - ensuring cities are well equipped to cope with tomorrow’s challenges whilst also benefiting citizens.

Enabling safe and reliable water resources

A safe, constant, and reliable supply of drink-ing water is vital to any well-functioning community, but with urban water usage expected to grow by 40% by 2025, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Ramboll helps to address this issue by mapping new groundwater resources, enabling reuse of water and renovating existing water infrastructure.

Water also plays a vital role in creating the ‘blue-green’ elements of a city that increase liveability such as parks, lakes, rivers and harbour fronts. Ramboll has delivered solutions for cities around the world that combine the functional treatment of water with the creation of attractive recreational and public spaces.

Energy strategy and planning

With widespread discussion on the transition towards sustainable societies, the focus is largely centred on smart and energy-efficient technologies. Whilst technology is indisputably part of the answer, long term development strategies and political consensus on how areas should be populated and interconnected are a prerequisite – that form the framework on which technological solutions can be at-tached.

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